Sunday, 17 February 2013


After my final toile crit at university, I decided to make a change to my colour palette. Instead of focussing on skin tones, I wanted to show a range that had much more contrast and variety. 

I wanted my collection to capture both my design ethos and my own style identity. Like anyone else, I tend to have an area of comfort when buying clothes. My wardrobe bursts with the colours... Black (or should I say the absence of colour). I love cooler tones such as, greys, muted blues and of course black. 

So my research began, looking at identity I decided to explore different eye colours. And found my colour palette in a friends eyes, much like my own (except a lot more interesting) they are blue/grey with slight specks of amber browns. 

This photo captures my development in motion, looking at the photograph and choosing fabrics. 

I am now focussing on the application of; Muted blue, petrol blue, gunmetal grey, amber and gold. Fingers crossed, this will make for an interesting collection!

- R A C H A E L -