Wednesday, 26 January 2011

escada internship competition...

To all you fashion folk my university let me know of an amazing opportunity for final year or graduated fashion students! escada are looking for a new internship to work with them for 6months! it will be in the escada design department based in munich. for budding designers or fashion lovers this would be the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and gain valuable experience working with a well renowned label. to enter the competition you will need to produce an original illustration of an evening dress which fits with the ESCADA brand DNA of ‘modern elegance, glamour and sensuality’ and submit to escada. your winning design will be produced and presented in their new collection!! the deadline for the competition is 31st Jan 2011, so get designing. hope this helps you all :) i will be posting any other comp/internship opportunity's i come across in the future. good luck!!!

how to enter...

Monday, 24 January 2011

Dazed & Confused; Januarys Issue

definitely reccomending this months dazed & confused magazine. i had a pleasant surprise when i came across a spread on one of my favourite artists of all time. feminist artist barbara kruger, i have been a fan of her controversial work since my first year of a-level art. she's seriously worth checking out. she hasn't actually got her of her own website due to other people having copyright of her name (pretty outrageous i know!) but here's one someone has made on her behalf;

welcome to my blog beauties!

so, i thought i'd jump on the band wagon and start my own blog! i'm a student in sheffield studying fashion design! i love fashion & art so if you also share these loves feel free to follow! this is probably going to turn into a distraction from uni work, as facebook no longer suffices. i'll keep everyone posted on the briefs i have at uni and how i'm getting on so anyone currently studying fashion or thinking of studying fashion, this will give you some insight and hopefully turn into your little online look book & bible! :)